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Gneiss: A Misshapen Journey

I worked together with 23 other people for 6 weeks during DADIU2020 to create this game called "Gneiss: A Misshapen Journey" (You can download it for free here:

It's about a rock person who just wants to fit in, but is still shunned by everyone else, especially when he's chosen to ascend the heavenly stairs to the gates to the place of the Gargoyles, but an unfortunate turn of events leaves him different. Very, very different.

In my team, I was the Technical CG Artist and I set up our pipeline and workflow and helped create documents to guide our workflow better and be sure everyone was working in the same way, to reduce the amount of friction between CG Artists, as we were a group of 5 that had to take on this enormous task. I primarily worked in Unity, scene dressing, creating and painting terrain, setting up light and post processing and was the sole person responsible for the particle effects in the game. Besides Unity, I also worked in Maya to rig our 3 characters, two of which were to be animated with Motion Capture.

Game Trailer

Personal Show Reel